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L’artiste Jordy Veenstra a publié une nouvelle vidéo : AR3NA.

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GTA San Andreas

I just finished Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, game, but with only 70% for the moment.

– The max homies you can recruit is 7.
– The best way to transport homies is to drive them by 4 doors cars. The only way to make the 7 go with you is the Bus. But it is very slow to load and unload. And your homies cannot fire through the windows.
– You can get rid of police stars by saving a game.
– You can refill your health bar and armor bar by saving a game.
– Changing weapon reload weapon. Have always a MK4 and a SMG with you, to swap during fights.
– Policemen may close their eyes if you shoot a drug dealer near to them.

San Andreas map :